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I’m Jason a programmer



Nearing Completion

This week, we focused on fixing up the player tentacle to avoid lagging behind the player. Environmental hazards do damage instead of instantly killing the player. For the tentacle, it was a simple fix. Just needed to move the drawing of the tentacle to update instead of fixed update. The environment no longer instantly kills…

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Bux Fixing

This week was dedicated to bug fixing. This week, we tried to fix as many bugs as possible; our main focus was on bugs; I only added an animation that plays when you take damage detaching the limbs.

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Start of beta

This week marked the begging of beta, and I got straight into adding feedback for the player when taking damage by changing the colour of the goo splatter. Fixing duplication of audio and adding more sounds. Code for changing the tentacle Colour: Gets the colour from Health script: Designers Artists Programmers

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Follow up on leaving alpha

This week it was going through and fixing and adding the teacher feedback gotten from last weeks preparation to leave Alpha. The tentacle can now block bullets while being grappled to the environment or while holding objects. I achieved this through the following code: The Bullet Code: Designers Artists Programmers

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Getting ready to leave Alpha stage

This week it was a lot of minor fixes, adding audio hooks and Blocking bullets with the tentacle. The fixes and audio are now being added to make sure we tick off all the needed elements in hopes of being ready to leave the alpha stage and move into the beta stage of development. Designers…

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Visual Juice

This week I implemented goo splatter and enemy interaction. When the player grapples to the environment around them, it will leave goo splatters. I solved the previous issues by making the goo splatter its own object and ignore anything that wasn’t the environment, but with the change of it being its own object, it can…

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Adding More Mechanics

This Week I added Grabbing objects at the point the tentacle makes contact, Cutting the geyser with the tentacle and grabbing moveable objects. Designers Artists Programmers

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Object Interaction

This week I worked on getting the tentacle to interact with the moveable objects and move them at the end of the tentacle and when you let go of them, throw it in the opposite direction from the player Designers Artists Programmers

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Testing With Art

This week I worked on getting character ragdoll working for the player & and putting art assets to the tentacle We also uploaded a build our first build to Itch.Io Get our Latest Build Here Designers Artists Programmers

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Early Stage Testing

During this week, I started working on the tentacle, grappling with placeholder assets and testing them on both mobile and PC Tentacle_Extend_Retract.cs Tentacle_Visual.cs Designers Artists Programmers

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When we started the project, we had a few things to do before making the game. We first needed to set up the HacknPlan to plan and track our future progress. After we set up the HacknPlan we decided on the naming conventions and folder structures. Once that was completed, we set up our version…

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